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Some Facts about Shirdi Sai Baba - Who is Sai Baba father?

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Shirdi Sai Baba's real name and his parentage remain unknown.

According to the book Sai Satcharita, Sai Baba arrived at the village of Shirdi in the Ahmednagar District, British India when he was about 16 years old. He led an ascetic life, sitting motionless under a Neem tree and meditating while sitting in an Asana. The Shri Sai Satcharita recounts the reaction of the villagers:

The people of the village were wonder-struck to see such a young lad practicing hard penance, never minding the heat or cold. By day he associated with no one, by night he was afraid of nobody.

According to a Loksatta report, the beliefs surrounding Sai Baba’s place of birth are:

1. According to the residents of Parbhani’s Pathri town, the Baba was born in that town. They cite the eighth edition of his biography ‘Sri Saisachharitra’ as a reference.

2. Sai Baba is also claimed to have been born in Tamil Nadu. According to this version, his mother’s name was Vaishnavdevi and his father’s name was Abdul Sattar. He is later said to have come to Shirdi.

3. According to the 1952 October to December issue of the ‘Sri Sai Leela Traimasik’ (quarterly), Sai Baba’s father is believed to be one Sathe Shastri and his mother Lakshmibai. A Tamil text about Sai Baba is cited in support.

4. The Gujarati language ‘Sai Sudha’ magazine claims that Sai Baba was born near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem to Gujarati Brahmin's parents.

5. According to the 1959 book ‘Sai Leela’ by Suman Sundar, the Baba was born in Pathri. The book claims Gagabhau and Devagiri Amma to be his parents. The Pathri town mentioned in the book, however, is believed to be located in the erstwhile Hyderabad state.

Posted : 16/05/2022 10:13 pm