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Why SaiBaba is not Helping Me | Ask Shirdi Sai baba

Why SaiBaba is not Helping Me | Ask Shirdi Sai baba


I’ll give a straight and simple answer..As per Baba’s words from Satcharitra, he always looks after the ones that trust in him..ask shirdi sai baba, why saibaba miracles helping devotee

He said, “People always want favors from me such as health, wealth, mental peace, to name a few..I can easily give them what they ask for..I have the ability to fulfill their wishes but what equally matters is their personal virtue or character to receive my blessings..”

So whenever we blame god for things not going the right way even after praying to him, we must understand one thing clearly..



Kindly think about it!

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Shirdi saibaba miracle, and need sai baba help

Shirdi saibaba miracle, and need sai baba help

in other words,

First thing let me clear and you also set this thing in your mind. There isn’t any person called Sai Baba exist now, Thus no one will come and help you in your problems. But if you have faith in God and his teachings, you will surely find some or the other way to deal with problems.

During his existence in Shirdi, Sai baba helped many peoples with his miracles and social service And taught his followers to help each other and live with humanity and kindness. Even now after so many years of his absence no one complains that he is not helping anyone, we just need a calm mind and a divine faith on Sai Baba and when we achieve this phase we will surely be satisfied and all our problems will have solutions walking towards.

Even you can try to visit Shirdi and experience the god within you, as the place has good vibes and energy to feel.

This depends on many factors-

1- Shraddha – Belief, faith

2- Saburi – Patience

Devotee should have complete faith in Sai. He should surrender to him completely. Start reading Sai sathcharitra daily. If possible visit Shirdi.

Try to connect every incident on your daily life with Saibaba. Slowly we start realising Sai is in control of our life. This realisation will bring confidence that HE IS ALWAYS available to his devotees. Every one has to complete their previous Karma cycle.

Continuous prayer to Sai ( Sai Nam Jap) will certainly reduce the bad karma effect and bring desired result quickly.

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Will God Listen to our prayers?

Bolo Narayana Jai Jai Vittala..

Sai Narayana Ranga Ranga Vittala..

If we assume he is not listening to our prayers than why should we do prayers? where does it reaches? how come our problems are getting solved if god is not answering to us? To attain god’s grace one should have trust in the god and should have patience.

Definitely our prayers will be answered…but only thing we have to understand is, God will test our eligibility before granting our desire. These is called our elder people say as “KARMA”, what ever sins or good things we do in the previous birth will be carried over to the next births. Accordingly we will get the problems/good things in our current life. To get resolve those problems every one should seek god’s help.




Let me tell you one story, Once Lord Maha Vishnu & Lakshmi Devi were talking about something..suddenly lord maha vishnu disappeared for a second ….Suprised by these activity, Lakshmi devi asked the reason of disapear? Lord Vishnu, smiled and said ” Devi, one of my baktha sneezed and said Narayana .. so i went their to check whether he is alright are not..”

See how humble is god towards his devotees..that’s y our grand parents says to chant god’s name at aleast one before you start a work.If you observe them they will chant god’s name while sitting,before sleep and in many activities.



I even remember my brother teasing my grand mother, when my brother was at age 7, we used to sleep along with my grand mother..she used to chant “Rama,Krishna,Govinda,Mukunda…” before sleep…immediately my brother chant all the tolly wood hero names like “Krishna, nagarjuna,chiranjeevi..” ..we all laugh at the situation and timings ..even my grand mother too joins us….but still she insists us to chant god name before sleep….Those childhood days are all time favourites for one’s life.


Miracle by Shirdi Sai Baba : Everybody has to gone through their karma..and have to face the situations accordingly. The greatness with sai baba darshan is our karma will be taken out by baba blissful rays. Let me tell you one story about Baba which proves he always listens to our prayers.

This was happened when baba is alive. Baba stays in a masjid called dwarakamai. many people come to dwarakamai and have the baba darshan. Baba always burns the sticks in dwarakamai, which is called as Dhuni. it will be burning through out the day. Spiritually, baba says he will burns all the papa karma’s [sins] of his devotees in this Dhuni…

One day Baba seated near dhuni and placing some sticks ..suddenly he placed his hand instead of stick..and became still for a while …observing this event .. Madhava [ A SAI devotee ] dragged sai out of the fire …by that time itself Baba hand was burnt drastically.. with much pain he asked .. ” Deva ..why did you do that?” ….with a smile baba replied ..”The wife of a blacksmith at some distant place, was working near a furnace; her husband called her.

Forgetting that her child was on her waist, she ran hastily and the child slipped into the furnace with much fear & trust she called my name so I immediately put My hand into the furnace and saved the child. I do not mind My arm being burnt, but I am glad that the life of the child is saved…”.On the next day, a couple brought their child to baba darshan and thanked him for protecting their child from fire….

Will God listen to our prayer?? I had given you the answer..well it’s true that baba always listens to our prayers..listens to our problems ..he will rule our mind..we can’t hide anything with out his notice.If we have trust in our prayer definitely reaches god..


Let me share one of my experience with Shirdi Saibaba.

When I was at hyderabad, Every thursday i used to go to baba temple at was a big temple and many devotees used to come for Sai dharshan on that day. They brought very nice flower garlands to baba idol..the pujari’s will put the garlands to baba idol and take off them immediately due to huge number of upcoming garlands…

I used to receive one on every thursday…but one week i thought to prepare a garland for baba by myself. So on wednesday i reached home early from office and brought flowers required for garland .. i prepared garland of my own design chanting baba’s name .. by that late night i finished the garland and i slept. I woke up early in the morning and prepared to go for the temple.

It will took about 10 -15 mins to reach the temple from my place…through out the travel i just prayed one thing to baba..”BABA with so much of hope and love i prepared this garland for you..please baba ..please keep this garland with you atleast for an hour …. no pujari should take this off from your idol…”..when we reach the temple …i offered that garland to saibaba and watched silently & eagerly about the happenings.

after 5 mins a boy came to the pujari and asked him to give 5 -6 garlands from the baba’s idol. To my anguish ..pujari has given the garland which i prepared along with the others to the boy.. i was so disappointed and began to watch that boy…the boy took those garlands and began to offer these garlands to different God’s idols present in the temple.

U know he placed my garland to one of the BABA PHOTO and left the just imagine the joy i experienced. I was very happy by that event ..i just asked SAI to keep the garland for an hour but baba kept for a day….I got more happiness than i expected..

From that day onwards I never turned back..i got a strong assurance…baba is with me ..he listens to me …even today i will never worry about any thing..what ever comes to my life is just by baba’s grace. I will do my work and leave the results to baba….

Friends, Never loose hope…Every prayer is answered ..the intension and trust in your prayer determines the answer period..never ..give up..he will be there always with you … TRUST HIM….


Say friends ………. SAI NATH MAHARAJ …….KI…….JAI……..


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